Alyssa McInerney

Hi Max, here is my story.

I first started wearing an I-Mask as soon as I started squash. My coach gave one to me and I looked at it and had no idea what it was. My first thoughts were, “ Oh, I’m going to look so retarded in this.” My coach decided to make me flick my nose because I wouldn’t stop complaining. This made me even more confused; I had no idea why he was getting me to flick my nose. He then explained to me that this is what it feels like if you got hit by the ball. Only problem is I have a high pain tolerance.

I soon noticed that it was definitely better than wearing glasses. I saw my first ever squash collision at Friday night Junior Comp. One of the girls who was wearing an I-Mask got hit in the visor by her opponents back swing and the visor just popped out and fell off. I then thought that if she had of been wearing glasses there could have been a serious injury.

I now promote wearing I-Masks to all our younger, up and coming juniors in particular speaking to the parents about all the positives and its great seeing them on the court wearing an I-Mask. At this stage I have no intentions of changing to glasses, it is too risky and asking for a serious eye injury.

Yours truly,

Alyssa McInerney