Alyssa McInerney

Hi Max, here is my story. I first started wearing an I-Mask as soon as I started squash. My coach gave one to me and I looked at it and had no idea what it was. My first thoughts were, ā€œ Oh, Iā€™m going to look so retarded in this.ā€ My coach decided to make…

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Gardner Headrick

I’ve been playing racquet ball for years and though I had had a few close calls almost getting hit in the face by the ball, I could not find eye protective wear that was comfortable. I sweat a lot during athletics and every pair of eye glasses I tried for protection (and I tried several…

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Anthony Graham

My name is Anthony Graham and i am writing to you concerning I-masks for the up and coming European squash championships. I have recently been invited to play for England in the coming Europeans U19 after i won the U19 British championships at the end of February. http://www.squashsite.co.uk/bjc/ This link shows the British championships 2009,…

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