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David Gabriel

Hello Max, A pleasure to talk to you earlier. As mentioned, I believe that each and every player should be mandated to wear your product. It is brilliant and the protection it offers is invaluable. I have a friend who is an eye surgeon at St Vincents here in Mlb and she has told me…

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David Selvaraj

Hi Max, Just to let you know, I only knew about your product after watching the Discovery Channel show on your product. Just to let you know, once I have had someone break a racquet hitting my face but the visor took the blow, and saved my face. Best Regards David Selvaraj

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Gloria McGuire

Hello Max We hope this email finds you well and l thought we’d contact you now that the squash calendar is underway again with a packed session ahead. Product Feedback Morgan is absolutely delighted with the variety of coloured bands you sent for her i-Mask – she’s been showing them off and the other squash…

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Junior Squash Player

Hi Max, I’ve been promoting I-Mask all the time by wearing it everytime I play in tournaments, training, coaching lessons, fixtures even when I am training by myself or having a hit with Mum and Dad. I also get mum to sew the patches on my squash shirts, especially my rep shirts. I like I-Mask…

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Tyrrel de Langley

I’ve been using I Mask for about 2 years. Initially I chose it because I was seeking eye protection that would not fog up or be prone to getting sweat droplets on the lens. For those purposes it has been brilliant, in addition to providing vastly enhanced peripheral vision over traditional goggles. This past weekend…

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Michelle Eyles

From Rodney Eyles’ wife Michelle. Rod is ex world champ. Now Head Coach for Squash Australia. Hi Max Rod took the attached photo of our son Ethan over the weekend at the Australia Day Challenge. Here are a few words for a testimonial. “When I first started playing squash I got hit accidentally in the…

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Paul & Nathen Takacs

Hi Max, June and the I-Mask Team, Thank-you sincerely for your invaluable support. We proudly wear and promote I-Mask at all times on and off the court. Our Junior Squash Program members all understand the importance of wearing your companies leading Protective Eyewear product, while having fun on the court. Next year will see a…

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Alyssa McInerney

Hi Max, here is my story. I first started wearing an I-Mask as soon as I started squash. My coach gave one to me and I looked at it and had no idea what it was. My first thoughts were, “ Oh, I’m going to look so retarded in this.” My coach decided to make…

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Gardner Headrick

I’ve been playing racquet ball for years and though I had had a few close calls almost getting hit in the face by the ball, I could not find eye protective wear that was comfortable. I sweat a lot during athletics and every pair of eye glasses I tried for protection (and I tried several…

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