Sticking to our origins as one of the most recognizable products in the world of Squash, iMask are committed to continuing to provide a high-quality product for Squash players throughout the world.

Whether you are a professional Squash player or a serious or casual social player, eye protection is no doubt part of your kit. Many top level athletes have chosen iMask as their preferred form of eye protection.

For parents, the safety of our children is our main concern, no matter what they may be pursuing. When your child steps onto a Squash court you want to provide the best protection available. Often, this is governed by the fashionable trends at any given time, but the full protection iMask offers is worthy of serious consideration. it is strong and provides added protection not available elsewhere.


iMask now has 3 different visor lengths.

Full Face, Mid-Length and Original.

The Original is the tried and tested and the favorite for Squash players.

Lightweight, full vision, no fogging, and strong.

Now available in either the MAX Set for added value, or the No Frills set for those who just want the basics.